Hi list
Is is possible to change the default behaviour of the mail() function to
send the message to the queue instead of trying to send it immediately? 
I did do some research into this a while back, but it never really got
to a point where I was completely satisfied with the results. I can
recall from then that the behaviour of the mail() function was inherited
from the way sendmail was configured on the server, but I cannot go that
route ( ie, reconfigure sendmail to send all mail requests to the queue,
as the server is not only a webserver, but servers my clients normal
e-mail as well), so I'm basically asking if it is possible to "override"
the sendmail behaviour when you issue the mail() function, or to even
compose and write the message directly to the /var/spool/mqueue folder (
that would obviously NOT use the mail() function).
The reason for all this is that there are some clients that are
abusing/miss-using the mail() function to query a mysql db of 20K users
with a while() loop and then doing a mail() inside the while, this is
causing some serious problems on my server, and I'm trying to look for
ways to put a tab on this.So any other suggestions are also very

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