I'm working on a simple file upload form here, where the user can upload
large zip files containing images to be added to the selected image

However, uploading large files seems to be a little problem.. Whenever I
upload large files (the file I'm experimenting with is about 8MB) both
the $_POST and the $_FILES-arrays become completely empty.

In my post form I have POST_MAX set to 107374182400, and in a
.htaccess-file placed in the same directory as the upload scripts I have
the following lines;
php_flag upload_max_filesize 107374182400
php_flag max_file_size 107374182400
php_flag post_max_size 107374182400

...so, uploading small files works perfectly, but large files just
empties the superglobal arrays... Is there any other settings I have to
change for this to work?

Trond Arve Nordheim
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