I am having trouble with my session clearing after a few clicks around 
the application.  The session is started in a header which is loaded 
first on every page in my application and I can not isolate the clearing 
to one page or link, it seams to be random.  I can click maybe 10 - 20 
links, even back and forth between the same two links and then the 
session clears for no apparent reason.  I use almost identical session 
handling and startup on many other applications on different servers, I 
only seem to have this problem on this particular server.

PHP is running as an Apache module on a Linux/Intel server and my 
application uses a Postgres DB Back End.  PHP is version 4.1.2. (Yes I 
would like to be using the most current version but this is not my 
server, so please don't suggest an update, unless you know that there 
was a problem with this in older versions of PHP that can be worked around.)

Session Lifetime is set to 0  and Session Garbage Collection is set to 
24 minutes in the php.ini file.



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