I know that the connection works because the following command ODBC_tables into which 
I feed my connection accurately searches the connection and returns an array with some 
table information.

// ODBC commands to explore connection:
$result = odbc_tables($odbc);

// I get the following output to the screen:
Array ( [0] => ***:\***\***\*** [1] => [2] => inputfile.txt [3] => TABLE [4] => ) 

inputfile.txt in row 2 is the file I want to select from.

Just for kicks, I added the "OR DIE" and got nothing.  I'm pretty sure that I have 
created a valid ODBC system resource and that my ODBC_connect command succesfully 
creates a bridge to my materials.  Its just that I can't execute commands beyond the 
odbc_tables without getting this big nasty error:

$result = odbc_exec($odbc,"SELECT * FROM inputfile.txt");

Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Text Driver] The Microsoft Jet database engine \
cannot open the file '(unknown)'. It is already opened exclusively by another user, \
or you need permission to view its data., SQL state S1000 in SQLExecDirect in \
***:\***\***\***\basecsv2.html on line 53


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As you can see, If I'm going to preserve the double quotes in the third column, I 
would have to come up with a script that would deal with escaped characters.

I was hoping that I could just establish an ODBC connection to the text file, which it 
appears that I can, and then select stuff from it.  Microsoft's documentation that I 
could find states that their text driver doesn't support create/drop table, insert, or 
update commands (obviously), but it doesn't mention SELECT as being off limits...

The quotes should not be a problem as you could use addslashes() to escape them. On 
your connection you say that it does not return an error;

$odbc =3D odbc_connect("***input","",""); // This appears to work as no = errors are 

But you're not testing for errors

$odbc =3D odbc_connect("***input","","") OR die("There is an error connecting to the 
CSV file.");

Make sure that you trap every potential error.


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