So this code:

$odbc = odbc_connect("cvalcoinput","","") OR die("There is an error connecting to the 
CSV file.");
$result = odbc_tables($odbc);

while(odbc_fetch_into($result, $fields)){
  for ($i = 0; $i < sizeof($fields); $i++) {
    echo $fields[$i] . "<br>";

Derives the following results:


Which makes sense.  Those are the contents of the array returned by odbc_tables.  Now 
try to use odbc_exec and I run into my problems.  This article on the microsoft KB 
seems to suggest under "text driver limitations" that I should be able to run select 
statements using the odbc_exec command.;en-us;Q178717

Anyone know of any really good ODBC resources?

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// ODBC commands to explore connection:
$result = odbc_tables($odbc);

Have you tried a WHILE loop to print out each row? I am not sure of the exact syntax 
but something like;

while(odbc_fetch_into($result, &$fields)){
   // and so on ...
   print("<br>\n"); //at end of row


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