I am working on code that will allow me to read email that is directed
to a PHP script (via .forward files) for various purposes, as part of an
integrated Intranet project.

I have hacked a bit at it and came up with code that "works" for the
tests I can throw at it, but I'm not confident enough with my
understanding of SMTP to put my code into live use. The most difficult
part I've had is preserving the headers so that they can be individually
edited but also reconstructed to forward the mail to another address.

My question then, is:

 - does anyone know of any code libraries that exhibit the kind of
functionality I'm talking about (the ability to read a mail message from
stdin and store it in variables or as an object)

Or, if there is no such code already written

 - is there anyone on this list who is very familiar with SMTP and would
be willing to look over my code and point out all the things I am
probably to be missing?

 - Matt Miller

PS - Having posed that question, I decided to go look at the source for
Mailman and Majordomo before I sent it. It seems they both use a C
wrapper for running the scripts that receive mail. Does anyone know why
that is - security? Performance? Or something else...

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