I am currently working on compilling php as both a cgi ands
as an apache module on the same server. The cgi compile,
which I did first with ./configure --with-ldap={ldap dir}
--with-mysql, went jsut fine.
However, when I try to compile it as an apache module, both
as ./configure --with-ldap={ldap dir} --with-mysql
--with-apxs or ./configure --with-ldap={ldap dir}
--with-mysql --with-apache={src}, I get errors when trying
to load a page. 
The following is my php file I  try to open in a browser
called phpinfo.php

echo "hi";
 And this generates the following error: 

warning: failed opening '/usr/web/phpinfo.php' for inclusion
(include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in Unknown on line 0

Any help would be great.


William F. Allmendinger
Network Manager
University of Detroit Mercy

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