Try to find at google for noFTP

It was made with php and it is a good client for FTP.



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> Mark McCulligh wrote:
> > I am trying to build or find a web FTP client.
> >
> > I can create a server side FTP app in PHP no problem, but I would like
> > user to be able to browse their own file system.  I thought about using
> > upload functions with PHP FTP functions on the server but I didn't want
> > an input box with a browse button on the screen.  I have also search
> > JavaScript for FTP functions but I didn't see anything that would really
> > work. I want it to look like a windows based FTP client a list box on
> > site for the user's file system and a list box on the other for the ftp
> > server.
> >
> > Does anyone know of a good web FTP program in exists or point me in  the
> > right direction on how to build one..
> I don't think JavaScript gives you this kind of power.  I imagine you'd
> need to take advantage of Java on the client, or perhaps something based
> a cross-platform toolkit like Mozilla.  I expect you could build something
> what you want with Mozilla's XUL and JavaScript.
> > Thanks, Mark.
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