fre, 2002-09-13 kl. 10:31 skrev John Wards:

> Guys and Gals sorry if this is off topic but I hope someone can answer this
> question.
> I need some mailing list software that works like this list i.e. its all
> done through email and has a web based archive.
> I know of mailman but I cannot get it to work and my questions go unanswered
> on the mailman help list.
> This is pretty urgent please help!

This is 100% OT, but very quickly said/written:

Stick at Mailman. Or explore alternatives such as ezmlm or Majordomo.
This is custom-written software and one couldn't *possibly* equal it
with a PHP-based approach.

I've implemented Mailman with Exim smtp server for different firms and
customers; there's a complete Exim how to and so on and so on.

Don't know what smtp software you run, or whether you're using procmail
or what, doesn't matter. Stick at Mailman.




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