hi horst,
i think your're problem is that you'll need to get the new libexpat.dll
provided from james clark.

visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/expat/ to get the latest expat v1.95.5
(which includes the new libexpat.dll - the older version was called:
"expat.dll", provided with expat v1.95.2)

you probably have a newer php4ts.dll / php_xslt.dll (came up with new php
4.2.3) on your machine telling dependancy checker to call for libexpat.dll,
so don't worry.

good luck!

additionaly, i didn't found an official installation procedure yet, because
i think, the php.net core team supports php on linux with more power, than
php on win32 systems. due to this, the documentation process for php on
linux is always two steps ahead.

- marco

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Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 2:12 PM
Subject: Re: error: loading extensions / php_xslt.dll on win32

> I get this 'module not found'-errors all the time and could not find a
> solution up to now.
> i tried everything this group recommends, but the problem gets weirder and
> weirder.
> I even tried DependencyMaker and it says a libexpat.dll is missing. This
> is not included to the php-4.2.3-distribution. (somebody suggested
> will do - NOT on my machine)
> > i found a rersolution to the php_xslt.dll extension installting problem
> you're lucky!
> > in your php.ini, you have to write: extension_dir = c:/php/extensions
> would be d:/php/extensions on my machine. does NOT solve the problem.
> > copy the 4 following .dll's to your windows/system32 directory
> > - php/php4ts.dll
> > - php/extensions/php_xslt.dll
> > - php/dlls/expat.dll
> > - php/dlls/sablot.dll
> all done. does NOT solve the problem.
> I am using IIS 5 on WIN2000/SP3 . But this is definitely not a
> server-related problem i think.
> To me it seems very much as a bug in the php-module-implementation or in
> php_xslt.dll itself.
> Btw: is there somehing like an official installation procedure?
> any help would be very appreciated.

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