Sascha Braun wrote:
> Yeah,
> I believe so, but you could reinitialize them when you jump to the other
> webserver, or you use one
> mysql database for sessionmanagement for both webservers.

Not exactly true, since if they jump to another server, you can make the
assumption they have a session cookie if they referrer is given, or if you
set their session ID in the URL. This however breaks down if they don't
click to the second site but go there without using the first as a jump
point. A sneakier, but more effective solution IMHO, is to bury an invisible
1x1 pixel in the first site which is located on the second server and vice
versa in the second site. This 1x1 pixel should actually be a PHP script and
you pass it the newly generated session ID, or permanent cookie ID, so that
the second site can synch up on the same ID, which is only really useful if
they use a shared database :)

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