> I am having trouble with a PHP script. I am not the one who 
 > made this and my knowledge on php is very little.
 > I came across this php script 
 > www.canberra-wx.com/bomonster/bomonster01.php

Tried loading this and had too many page errors to figure out what you
are doing.

 > www.canberra-wx.com/bomonster/bomonster1.php

Ditto for this one.

 > Any help on how to get it to work would be great.

First comment is a conceptual one rather than a programming one.

I presume you are doing this so that every time someone loads your page
they get current information?  You do know that the BoM only updates
forecasts around three to four times per day don't you?  In this case it
means that every hit on your page is reloading what is, largely, static
information.  You would be far better off caching the raw data on your
own server and using it from there.

Use cron and possibly lynx to grab the raw data that you need on an
appropriate schedule (say every six hours or, alternately, around an
hour after normal release time for each forecast) and either process it
straight away to produce the display information you need or store it
locally to be processed each time the page loads.  Ideally, you'd create
a static version of the page each time you grab new forecast information
and just display it.

Once you have the data on your server you can process it accordingly
which is where the php comes in.  The major hurdle is in pattern
matching and the like to find the relevant bit.

I am currently doing something moderately similar to this on
www.outbackqld.net.au (current conditions in top right corner) and it is
working just fine with an update every hour or so being cached locally.

I'm happy to discuss the issues of doing this further but am not
actually using php for anything but the last step - the rest of the
solution is done using a combination of cron, lynx and grep.

CYA, Dave

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