With my limited knowledge (i.e none, lol) i was wondering if you are able to
give me the code you use to do it. i will then play around with it t get
Canberra, is that ok? doesn't matter if not.

Simon Angell
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"David Freeman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>  > Thats a Nice feaure you have, How do you do that?
> I have a cron event on my server that grabs the relevant page from the
> web site soon after it is updated (around 20 past each hour) using "lynx
> -dump url" which then pipes the resulting page dump through grep to grab
> just the line of data that includes my town and dumps that output to a
> file.
> The file contains a single line of data that includes all of the
> information I display plus some other stuff on the page that I don't
> use.
> Within my php page I open that small file and load it into an array for
> display on the page.
> Obviously there's some error checking in there for various fail
> conditions and some other stuff too but that's the basics of it.
> I've looked at doing something similar for forecasts but as I don't
> (yet) have a need to display them I haven't got around to it.
> The main advantage of this method is that you're not grabbing the data
> on every page load but, instead, only when the data on the source web
> site can reasonably be expected to have changed.
> <delurk>As well as running a business with my wife I work for the BoM
> and have done for about 18 years now</delurk>
> CYA, Dave

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