Hi all,

I'm having a problem with sessions. I use PHP version 4.2.2.
The project I'm working on, only uses the global variables, $_GET, $_POST
and $_SESSION.

When I store something in the $_SESSION variable, everything goes well. I
can print the contents of this array with print_r, and every variable I
stored is there. But when I leave the page with the header(...) directive
(or any other way), the session is empty!

The session file contains no data (so it is created!), the $_SESSION
variable is empty...

Some extra information:
- I've tried this on PHP 4.1.2, and that works OK
- I've tried output_buffering (on and off)
- I've tried registered_globals (on and off)
- I've tried using "session_write_close()" before leaving the page
- I've checked the "session_start()" statement (Yes, it's there :-) )

I hope someone can help me with this...

Thanks in advance,


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