Greetings, all,

I've been using PHP for a couple of years now and only
recently (since upgrading to RH7.3) began to
experience an odd problem.  When navigating around my
site or when I run HT://Dig across it the links are
suddenly being rewritten back as 
I haven't
changed my coding between releases so evidently
whatever I've been doing with session variables all
along is suddenly behaving differently between

Having the session ID suddenly exposed in the URL
looks odd and prevents HT://Dig from indexing
properly.  What have I done to make this suddenly show
up and how can I get rid of it?

Thanks much in advance and best regards to all!

Bill Farrell
Multivalue and *nix Support Specialist

Phone: (828) 667-2245
Fax:   (928) 563-5189

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