Hi Bill,

> I've been using PHP for a couple of years now and only
> recently (since upgrading to RH7.3) began to
> experience an odd problem.  When navigating around my
> site or when I run HT://Dig across it the links are
> suddenly being rewritten back as
> http://my.dom.com/some_page?PHPSESSID=the_id_string. 
> I haven't changed my coding between releases so evidently
> whatever I've been doing with session variables all
> along is suddenly behaving differently between
> releases.

Your new installation looks like it has the enable_trans_sid option turned
on: this option governs whether PHP will transparently rewrite links for
users without cookies - htdig is one of these presumably ;-)

You'll find that your <form>s have a new <input type="hidden"> field as
well, containing the session ID.

It can be turned off in php.ini, but I think this might break sessions for
non-cookie-accepting users (not sure).


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