I was doing this too with good old AWK CGI scripts and text data files.
Once I imported the data into MySQL I said, "Well this is not much
benefit."  Then I started sorting.  Then I accessed the information from a
different application.  Then I wrote a maintenance application so my
customer could sort, review and edit the data.  Then I started using
multitable queries.  I am now so hooked on the database method, I have
never looked back.

Keep up with your text data.  You will always be able to import it into
MySQL when you are ready.  I would do ahead and migrate to a database; You
will have a slight learning curve, but will reap many benefits.


On Sat, 21 Sep 2002, Doug Parker wrote:

>-often i use text files at my data sources, delimted by the "|" symbol. 
>-i simply delimit the fields of each line, then when i need to open them, 
>-i open the text file, populate an array with each line, then explode the 
>-fields for each to get the corresponding values.   i use this method for 
>-catalogs - and even backend interfaces, for which the client can 
>-add/edit/delete products.  everything seems to be working fine, and 
>-there doesn't seem to be a need for MySQL or anything.  i was wondering 
>-if there is anything i'm not thinking of that perhaps would push me to 
>-favor using php and mysql instead of the plain old text file.
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