> On 09/23/2002 08:08 PM, Research And Development wrote:

> > So I re-designed the script to send emails in parts. 500 emails per
> > header. But after the database reached more than 3,000 records the
> > emailing did not work at all. Sendmail refused to send to any of the
> > emails in the database result set.
> > 
> > Any thoughts?

I guess you are putting 500 emails in the Bcc field. I guess. I like to 
personalize outgoing mail. I has a script sending *lots* of email and I 
didn't think it through. My cohort had to clean up after me and he said 
that he just changed a parameter to sendmail to queue the mail, I 
*think* ... I haven't sent a lot of mail since then but I'll look at 
how I was using sendmail. 

On 24 Sep 2002 at 0:41, Manuel Lemos wrote:

> I am not sure what you mean by 500 emails per header.
> Anyway, if you are personalizing messages, ie send a message per user,
> avoid that at all costs and if possible send a single message to all
> users.

Eeeeeeks. I hate that. I hate email that does not indicate it knows who 
I am. Why is sending one email to one user so bad? I can't think of a 
reason that would trump the personalization that I like so much. But 
I'm all ears. 


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