I started dealing with this several years ago using Perl.  The closest I got
with sendmail was to check that the call worked, and if it didn't try again
up to 5 times.

For me, bottom line, if you want to do what you are trying to do, use
something besides sendmail.  I switched to Qmail, and have successfully sent
15,000+ personalized messages, one at a time, with both Perl and PHP.  (It
takes a couple hours, but it does work.)

Of course I only send opt in email, and I hope you are doing the same, as
spam is always evil.  :)


Peter Janett

New Media One Web Services
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Windows 2000 accounts - Cold Fusion 5.0 and Imail 7.1
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Stronghold/3.0 (Apache/1.3.22), MySQL 3.23.43
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> This gets discussed quite frequently.
> My guess is that your ISP *may* be imposing some limitations, but more
> likely your PHP script is timing out or something similar.
> Justin
> on 24/09/02 9:08 AM, Research and Development ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Hello. I wrote a PHP script that will pull records from a database
> > (emails) and then mail something to the emails in the result set.
> > Pretty simple and it worked.
> >
> > Now that the database has over 1 thousand records I began to experience
> > performance problems. I figured that my problem was that Sendmail does
> > not process emails that have more than x number of emails.
> >
> > So I re-designed the script to send emails in parts. 500 emails per
> > header. But after the database reached more than 3,000 records the
> > emailing did not work at all. Sendmail refused to send to any of the
> > emails in the database result set.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> >
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