Well, this would work in MySQL, I have even more LEFT JOINs, so go find 
out if it is possible with Oracle.

Faisal Abdullah wrote:

>Hi again people! How's it goin?
>Here's the question
>How do I do left joins from multiple tables?
>I want to do something like this:
>"select a.name, b.department, c.position
>from emp a
>left join dept b
>on a.staffno = b.staffno
>left join position c
>on a.staffno = c.staffno
>where staffno = $staffno";
>I know the statement above is totally wrong. I'm just hoping u guys can
>understand what i'm trying to achieve from it.
>By the way, this is on Oracle 9i, but I guess ANSI would be fine.
>Thanks again.

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