Andreas Hasenack wrote:

>What is the right name to use in apache's (2.0.41-dev) IfModule
>directive to test if the php4 module is loaded? I'm including
>the file below via httpd.conf's Include statement but the
>part between the IfModule is being completely ignored:
><Directory "/srv/www/default/html/acid">
>    AllowOverride None
>    order deny,allow
>    Deny from all
>    Allow from
><IfModule mod_php4.c>
>    php_flag engine on
>    php_value include_path '.:/srv/www/default/html/acid/config'
><Directory "/srv/www/default/html/acid/config">
>    order deny,allow
>    deny from all
>I'm using php-4.2.3 (compiled with apxs2) and apache-2.0.41-dev. The
>PHP module *is* being loaded in another included file, but it doesn't
>matter if I put the above in an external file or in httpd.conf itself.
It looks fine to me (I'm no expert), but maybe its case sensitive? You 
have </Ifmodule> rather than </IfModule>. Otherwise perhaps remove the 
<IfModule> completely for a test to see if it is the </IfModule> causing 
the problem.


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