Em Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 11:08:06AM -0400, Paul Nicholson escreveu:
> What exactly is not working?

The directives inside the <IfModule> branches are being ignored. Thus the
include path is not being modified and my application doesn't work. I know,
I can change the application to include the right path, but it's not mine
and I want as few patches as possible.

This means that either the module is not loaded (but it is), or I'm checking
it with the wrong name (that's what I think it is).
If I but "blablabla" inside the <IfModule> no error happens. But, just for
testing, if I change mod_php4.c to mod_ssl.c (for example), which is also
being loaded, then apache won't start because of the "blablabla". So, I still
think it's the name that is wrong.

> Did you check to see if the engine is turned on?

It is on, the module is loaded. The application runs, but can't find its
include files.

> If it is not then try "php_admin_flag engine on". Why are you turning the 
> engine on? Is it disabled everywhere else? The include path should have 

Yes, it's disabled by default for the whole documentroot here. I only
enable it where I expect PHP scripts to run.

> double quotes surrounding it and the paths in <directory> should not.
> HTH!

Thanks, will give it another try with these variations.

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