I installed Redhat 7.3 yesterday and now my php graphs are not working
it says : Warning: could not load/open font in $filename line xxx...when I
try to use any ttf text function, and that it has no support for freetype 2
when i try to use tf text functions...

my config:

Redhat 7.3 clean install

I tried all things I could find on the net: absolute and relative path, give
name of the font with or without .ttf, anything...
it just doesn't work...
the only functions that work are imagestring and imagechar...
imagettftext and imagettfbbox are not working...

can anyone please give some help?

thank you very much,

Mihai Bobos 
System Engineer 
EBS Romania S.R.L. 
Str. Pavel Rosca No. 9
RO-3400 Cluj-Napoca
Tel: (+)40.264.406.459
Fax: (+)40.264.406.461
URL: www.ebsromania.ro

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