It really wouldn't be that difficult, would it?

Give it a database name, the program find all the names of the tables,
then loops through them all. It find all the rows for each table (maybe
limit to just text based ones, to be fancy), and makes an sql statement
to call the ereg. To really be feasible, you'd want to use the replace
and regex functions already in MySQL. Only issues you may run into is
the 30 second time limit...

How much will you pay me to write it?? :)

---John Holmes...

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> From: Justin French [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 11:34 PM
> To: php
> Subject: [PHP] table-wide or database-wide search and replace?
> Has anyone seen or built an existing chunk of code to assist with
> wide
> or database-wide search and replace in MySQL?
> For example a simple str_replace() style function that works on a
> MySQL table would be great, database-wide would be even better,
> ereg_replace
> would be even better again, and so would the ability to specify case
> sensitivity would be better again :)
> I'm happy for it to be a commerical product, open source, a project or
> whatever.
> If it doesn't exist, does anyone want to start work on one with me?
> Found these notes:
> howto.h
> tml
> So it doesn't seem too hard in theory.
> Justin French
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