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> Subject: Re: [PHP] table-wide or database-wide search and replace?
> > Give it a database name, the program find all the names of the
> > then loops through them all. It find all the rows for each table
> > limit to just text based ones, to be fancy), and makes an sql
> > to call the ereg. To really be feasible, you'd want to use the
> > and regex functions already in MySQL. Only issues you may run into
> > the 30 second time limit...
> good point... specifically, is that a time limit imposed by mysql, php
> the browser you are referring to?

PHP limitation that scripts have 30 seconds to complete. This can be
changed in PHP.ini or with a function call at the beginning of the

> because i could do this on the command line (once off), and could also
> break
> the process into individual tables, or even groups of 50 rows or
> if needed -- although i'd do almost anything to avoid it :)

---John Holmes...

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