Some themes are not as fully worked out as they should be. At the MySQL 
console, use this to reset the them to PostnukeSilver.

mysql> update nuke_module_vars set pn_value = 's:14:"PostNukeSilver";' 
where pn_id = '9'

The "s" denotes a string
The "14" is the length of the theme name
Make certain the name you use matches the case used in the directory 
holding the theme.
The closing ";" must be included.

I also tried clicking and swearing, but the system would not respond. <g>

Hope this helps - Miles Thompson

At 03:58 AM 9/25/2002 +0100, James Redfern wrote:
>I used Update System on my E-smith server to install
>dmc-mitel-myphpnuke-1.8.8.-1.noarch.rpm without errors.  Looked good
>but I thought I'd change the theme, so after having read the manual
>for 30 minutes, logged in as "God" and selected a yellow one.  It
>started to load and then stopped with just a header.  And that's as
>far as I got.
>Now I have no access to the interface or admin as there are no working
>links on the page.  No amount of clicking, refreshing or swearing at
>it seems to work.
>Any ideas?
>I even tried to uninstall it but RPM reports an error and says it
>isn't installed.
>It seems I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't!
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