Hi all,

Is there a really thorough tutorial on the use of
session variables?  Seems like there are a zillion
options to choose from, lots of interdependent
settings, etc, and I'm a bit confused on how to make
it work.

I try not to use session objects too much in any
language as it makes the code somewhat less portable,
but I did want to experiment with PHP's notion before
launching off on another suite of apps.  I'm starting
with a simple fake hit counter that checks session to
see if the counter was already dinged.  It works if I
turn on enable_transient_sid, but setting that drives
ht://dig nuts by appending ?PHPSESSIDyaddayadda to the
URL.  Really makes a mess of the database :-)~~.

Obviously, I'm missing something pretty fundamental. 
Any suggested reading would be appreciated (yes, I did
read the PHP manual :-).

Thanks in advance,

Bill Farrell
Multivalue and *nix Support Specialist

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