Hi I think it is possible to use sessions without having to insert
sid=$sid into every link i print out but I donĺt get it to work any
Ideas about what I could be doing wrong?
 I have a login form on a page called login.php, and if login is ok,
then it sets $sid = session_id(); and prints out headers:
heder(Location: index.php?sid=$sid); and it passes the sid variable to
the index page and it works ok but when I click on any links on the
index page I get thrown back to the login, because I made the script do
that if the $sid != session_id().
session.use_trans_sid = 1 in the php config
this would work if I would print out sid=$sid in every link I have on
the page but I rather not. I would be greatful for any ideas about what
I could be doing wrong.
Regards, David

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