Friday, September 27, 2002, 10:20:32 AM, you wrote:
SM> Thanks to Micah Ive resolved my old problem, but now im working on something new 
and fairly gnarly...i ahve a data entry form and one of the textareas on the form 
needs to have the ability to
SM> take a table...from users who dont know html. does anyone know any possible 
solutions to this dilemma? It would be easy if the field would always have a table 
with specific properties, but that
SM> is not the case, there may or may not be a table and the number of rows and colums 
used and data input into the table if it does exist will vary from record to record. 
Is there any way to
SM> accomplish this tha tyou can think of? Im almost certain that there is nothing 
quick and easy but i was wondering if anyone out there had ideas. Just FYI i plan on 
having a seperat page to view
SM> data with that will pull the data out of a table, and, ideally format the html 
into a table for display. 

Have them enter the data as a comma delimited list like this:


Then you could parse looking for [table] and work on the data after till
[/table] The first row would be the column headers.


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