Install Apache, PHP and MySQL.

See each site for more information (,,, and I'd advise using pre-compiled installer scripts, rather than
compiling your own for the moment...  all of the above are free.

stick with all the default settings, and figure out what else you want


on 26/09/02 2:53 AM, Sauron ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi all
> I am brand new to PHP, I have a friend that develops in it and I'm
> interested in learning more about it. I am familiar with VB at the moment
> and that's about it, but I'm always willing to learn!!
> What do I need to get developing using PHP? I want to develop completely on
> my machine rather than upload files to a web server. I have W2K installed.
> Any help is much appreciated,
> Regards,
> Steve.

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