Hi every1 I'm buidin' up a form that should perform a couple of checks 
before submit.
I used javascript but as the form has got option fields also and some 
field changes upon the checkbox chosen
the script has to know when I'm just changing the option or when I'm 
tryin' 2 send the form...
(in order to change the option or eventually perform the check).
Can I do that on the same page? ..I mean can I pass a variable through 
javascript 2 php?
The problem is that if I call the submit button "ready2be_checked" and I 
use an onclick(validate_the_form) handle,
 javascript works fine but it misses the variable "ready2be_checked" so 
the "isset" statement for ex. if(isset($ready2be_checked)){ ....}
doesn't work! 
Using onsubmit instead,
javascript performs the check and sends the form anyway cause the isset 
check finds the variable  $ready2be_checked !!
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Sorry if I posted it twice
Thanx in advance                                                        

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