Instead of check for $ready2be_checked, use a hidden form field instead of
relying on the submit button to be pressed.  If the Javascript auto-submits
the form the hidden field will still be there.

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> Hi every1 I'm buidin' up a form that should perform a couple of checks
> before submit.
> I used javascript but as the form has got option fields also and some
> field changes upon the checkbox chosen
> the script has to know when I'm just changing the option or when I'm
> tryin' 2 send the form...
> (in order to change the option or eventually perform the check).
> Can I do that on the same page? ..I mean can I pass a variable through
> javascript 2 php?
> The problem is that if I call the submit button "ready2be_checked" and I
> use an onclick(validate_the_form) handle,
>  javascript works fine but it misses the variable "ready2be_checked" so
> the "isset" statement for ex. if(isset($ready2be_checked)){ ....}
> doesn't work!
> Using onsubmit instead,
> javascript performs the check and sends the form anyway cause the isset
> check finds the variable  $ready2be_checked !!
> ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
> Sorry if I posted it twice
> Thanx in advance
>            Ricky
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