turn register globals ON on php.ini (they now default to off), then read the
1000's of threads about register globals, missing/empty form variables,
super global arrays, etc etc in the archives.

post vars are found in $_POST, session in $_SESSION, get in $_GET, etc etc

Justin French

on 28/09/02 12:47 AM, Qmail List ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello List,
> I'm putting a php app that has been off-line for about 18 months back
> on-line. During my absence from php I had heard about some security issues,
> so figured I'd try the latest 4.2.3 release.
> Sessions and the DB are fine, but GET/POST vars are continually empty. I
> mean a form submission from .html to .php (about the simplest thing
> possible) the variables are not getting populated with their form values.
> Actually, phpinfo() does show the variables and their values if I throw it
> in the .php file. But tailing the mysql log shows the following:
> SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='' AND password=''
> from this code.
> $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='$username' AND
> password='$password'");
> Regards, Thx

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