Perhaps I don't understand the use of 'htmlentities' too well, but I would 
like newlines to be retained/inserted into a db, and then if displayed, to 
produce a new line from a textarea. However, I want the possibility of 
dangerous html excluded (hence the use of 'htmlentities').

Is there some way of excluding '\n \r ' and other newline indicators from 
'htmlentities()'? Perhaps a combination of preg_match and something else? I'm 
a bit brained-fried struggling with other errant parts of this code since 6 

Any ideas how I could proceed?

The code far:

. . .
/* Verification script. Adds sponsor's name, city, prov, country and current 
date at end of 'request' string */
. . .

$request = $_POST['request'];
$request = ucfirst($request);
$html = htmlentities($request);
/* $html defuses all newlines . . . sigh */ 

$title = $_POST['title'];
$title = ucfirst($title);
$title = htmlentities($title);

$date = date('Y-m-d');
$preview = 
{$_SESSION['ssname']}<br>{$_SESSION['scity']}, {$_SESSION['rprov']}  

print "<h2>Preview of Request from 
. . .

Any ideas or advice will be most gratefully accepted.

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