> Hi John,
> Sorry about the ambiguity. What I'm trying to accomplish is close to what
> you describe. However, before anything goes into the db (ie html chars, bad
> commands, or anything from Mr.Hacker), I verify it. Someone suggested, way
> back when I first started with textarea, to use 'htmlentities' to strip the
> bad items out.
> "You should always save it in the database exactly how the user typed it."
> So far, so good. But, if I follow what you suggest (and it's eminently
> reasonable!) I could have some 'bad stuff' becoming 'resident' in my db.
> Perhaps I am paranoid, but that seems like a-bad-thing-to-do.
> "Save it with newlines and don't add any HTML code to it. "
> Ahh . . . if I save as the user typed it, assuming Mr. Hacker has added
> some little extras, what then?? I use a Preview mode for viewing what
> thgey've entered, and they must go back  to the textarea box if they need
> to edit (which has exactly what they typed.)
> Oh, this all did sense to me a while ago, but I am tired, and it's
> beginning to sound like gibberish .
> Thanks again.
> Andre

Things will be alright, if you follow two rules:

1. before Output, use htmlentities() to make sure, your text isn't confused 
with HTML (This way noone can insert HTML-Tags into your Text).

2. before saving to database, either use addslashes() or turn on magic_qoutes 
in php.ini. (This will ensure, that noone drops your database on the fly. 
e.g. Enters something like '; drop database;' into a textarea.)
as i remember magic_qoutes should be turned on by default.

Don't do anything else with data that goes to your database, or you'll lose 
posibility to edit it later on.


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