Hi y'all

I've only been working with PHP for the past 2-3 weeks, so there's alot of
things I haven't quite grasped 100% yet ...

Basically what I'm doing is converting my old framed, js-driven, HTML
website, with 137 physical pages (individual HTML files) and some
dynamically created ones, into a full-fledged PHP site ... 

As the whole idea in this is to get rid of the frameset, and reuse as much
code as entirely possible, I'm using 5-6 PHP "master" files (I'm only
through converting little more than half the site by now), which then mix
and match variables to include the right files for bodies and menus and

But here's the real Q: Does it matter at all what extension I use for the
include() source files???
I mean, they're the old HTML files that I strip down to the most basic,
with a few HTML tags to control the formatting, so my though pattern is
that .html is wrong, because it's not real HTML (in that it lacks
everything that makes them HTML), and it's not really .txt, because it
contains formatting characters ... so in lack of better, I decided to name
them .psrc (for PHP source) ...

Right now I'm only running the site on test-basis on my own PHP on Apache
on WinXP, where it works well, nomatter what ext I use (provided I
remember to update the include() command to reflect it of course. But it's
going to be uploaded to a webhotel I haven't bought yet ... so I just want
to know: Do I risk any functionality in using my own extensions? Or does
PHP as a general not care about the include() extensions???

I do have some .php includes, because they run PHP code, but most of my
includes are just text that needs to put in the right part of a table...


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