On Monday, September 30, 2002 4:32 PM
Subject: Re: [PHP] Newbie Q: Any difference what the .ext is on include()
[ Rene Brehmer ] wrote:
> I appreciate your advice, but it would not really apply to my structure
> ... because of the amount of files I use, I've got seperate include
> folders for each section ... otherwise I'd get all weird in the head
> trying to remember which files go where.

Of course, it's a good idea (and a good practice) to separate folders
for each section of  your site ("/images/", "/blahblah/", etc.). But,
all include files in *one* folder (like "/inc/" or "/includes/" as
Why, do you have thousands of files?

> Basically it's the site in my sig that I'm converting to PHP, with a few
> minor changes, made (easily) possible by the PHP. My first concern is to
> make the site without a frameset, and without requiring any scripting
> clientside. Once launched, I'll be looking into improving the site as much
> as possible...taking as much advantage of PHP as possible ... but again, I
> don't know the full extent of my options until I've gotten my webhotel...
> How'd anyone be able to pull out my PHP source anyway?

You mean the "includes"? There are many ways if you don't follow the
conventions (or suggestions) already given.

> Since it's an http server, it'll only respond to http requests, and since
> php is processed upon request,

Why, did you name all your files with a .php extension? Or, are you sure
that all your *.ext are being processed as php files?

> the enitre source will be altered to just
> html ... don't get that ... atleast the way I do it, the path to the
included files
> is hidden, 'cause it's all variable controlled ... it just plugs together
> variable with some path parts, directly in the include(...).


> So for anyone to pull the includes, they'll need to know the exact path to
> them, in order to retrieve them, right?

Right. Perhaps.

But you only need time to find out... unless you name your folders
(or included files) something like:

maybe it takes more time ;)

- E

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