> > Yeah, good catch on the addslash/magic_quote.
> >
> > Also, FYI: PHP will only allow you to do one query per mysql_query(). So
> > you can't try to end a quote and then send another query. Don't know if
> > this is the case for all database functions, or what...
> Does PHP this? Such behaviour would be pretty new and pretty strange to me.
> And if, there must be any source in the source that does this, of which i
> can't remember...

Does PHP do what?  By default the MySQL query function can only take one
query at a time.  There is nothing strange about this.  The command-line
mysql tool can take multiple queries separated by semi-colons, but that is
something that is implemented in that command-line tool.  It is not done
in the underlying API function which is what PHP is talking to.


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