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> On 28 Sep 2002 at 15:48, Matt Giddings wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> >  Be for warned that I am new to smarty and for some reason I'm
> > finding it very difficult to learn.  ???  Anyway, my question is how
> > I access an array of associative arrays via the {section} statement?
> >
> > Heres the code:
> Matt,
> I suggest you break your code down to the simplest possible. Too many
> factors in there for my taste.  FWIW, I had to bang my head a few
> to get it and still have to verify my assumptions. For some reason I
> took to Template::Toolkit rather fast but smarty is working fine for
> me.
> Here are a few notes, but I'm fairly new to PHP so caution.
> First, totally unrelated to your question:
> > Function readComment( &$smarty, $bid ) {
> In Perl and in PHP I have my classes ONLY manipulate data and return
> data to the handerl which then passes it off to what I call the
> "viewer". In this way, in Perl for instance, I can use more than one
> template system as I create a class for each template system and
> manipulate the data as needed for that system. Works like a charm. In
> this way you can use the code in your classes for manythings ... it's
> not tied to your output.  Also, now some might complain that this
> be slower or take more memory or whatever, but I do this with smarty:

That does sound like a better and more logical approach.  I think I'll
incorporate that into my code.

> $data =& $g->run($com,$fid);
> $data is an array of data returned by my functions.
> $data['content'] = $g->viewer->Merge($data,$template);
> print $g->viewer->Merge($data,'index.html');
> So I *wrap* the content of pages into a page which pulls in
> header/footer rather than having a header/footer in every page.
> Okay, back to your qeustion:
> >   while( $row = $result->fetchRow( DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC ) ) {
> >     $rowdata[$i] = $row;
> >     $i++;
> I don't think you need the $i.

  I need the $i because I'm assigning the every row from the result into
an array.

> Are you sure you have data in $rowdata?

  Yup, $rowdata is filled with data, and the right data at that. :)

> Your use of section looks good to me. You've got those if statements.
> Sure they are all true.

This one might be my downfall, I'll have to dig into this one a bit

> I'm using section in lots of stuff and it's working fine.
> When I run into trouble I work from the most basic, the simplest and
> then move up.
> Peter

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