Justin French wrote:

>on 30/09/02 2:44 PM, Jeff Bluemel ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>>how to I test for a null value?
>empty()?  isset()?  if($var == "")?  if($var == "NULL")??  have a look in
>the php manual for string functions, and comparison operators

I think he maybe meant testing for null values in SQL.

If this is true, there is the null keyword: "is null" and "is not null".

select * from table_name where column_name is not null

This selects all rows from a table where the data in column column_name 
is not null. Be careful with this, as it actually tests for null and not 
an empty string, for example. If you want to test whether a value is 
null once you have assigned it to a PHP variable, you can use one of 
Justin's suggestions.

In addition, PHP has null as well.

Happy hacking.


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