Justin French wrote:
> If there's a noticeable difference between two browsers, and you're
> currently NOT setting any headers for caching, the blame will probably lie
> in the preference setting of the browser, not in your code.

I thought exactly the same thing before posting. So I made sure cookies 
are enabled and that the cache setting is "Once per session".

The two browsers in question are N7 and IE5.5 N7 is the one that "seems" 
not to be caching. In my opinion IE5 often has "features" that make it 
do things it shouldn't just because it might be helpful to the user.

So I was thinking IE5.5 was doing some caching because *it* thought it 
should but N7 wasn't because it was respecting some HTTP header saying 
not to cache that I somehow have set by mistake ...

How can I get the entire page, HTTP headers and all so I can see if 
there are some no caching directives in the page? And which headers 
might those be? ;)



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