Hoping someone can help me with a mysql select statement.

I have two tables that I am trying to do a select on.  The basic table
details are below.

table name: time

 |   ID   |   timefinished    |   status   |
 |    1    |   1000000001  |    C   |

table name: details

| sid | completedby |
|  1  |   bob             |

sid and ID are always the same corresponding value (one is inserted based on
the other).  What I am trying to do is do a select based on the current date
and status and then by who it was completed by.  What I have is...

select * from time, details where time.timefinished between '1000000000' and
'1000000002' and time.status='C' and details.completedby='bob' and time.ID =

What I am getting is not accurated, it just seems to grab the one entry,
which is correct, but there are 3 entries that fall within the range I am
trying to select on.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Been staring at the monitor for a while
dribbling :)

Best Regards
Bob Irwin
Server Admin & Web Programmer
Planet Netcom

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