Justin French propably said:

> You'd loose session for those without cookies.  The work around for
> this would be to hard-code the session ID to all URLs across your
> site for all pages you wish to carry a session through -- a real pain.


> It HAS TO use a session ID from the first page to the second, to be
> sure that the session is being carried... on the second page, it
> assesses if the cookie was set, and if so, doesn't bother rewriting
> any of the URLs, else, it continues.

Aha...i got a bit confused first when i read your answer since i _know_ i
have cookies enabled. But isn┤t there any other way to work around this? Can
i check if the cookie is set myself and if it is disable trans_sid with

> Most people beg to HAVE trans_sid enabled on their server, not to
> have it removed.  It ensures the widest array of people can access
> your site without breaking sessions, and without the need for you to
> include (pass around) a session ID throughout your site via URLs.


- D

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