Tuesday, October 1, 2002, 4:12:46 AM, you wrote:
DB> List,
DB>         On my php.4.2.3, Apache 4.0.42 install my echo statements all output the
DB> number of characters written (in hex).

DB> So this code:
DB> echo "<addrone>$id->addrone</addrone>";
DB> echo "<addrtwo>$id->addrtwo</addrtwo>";
DB> echo "<city>$id->city</city>";

DB> Makes this XML:

DB> 1d
DB> <addrone>PO BOX 698</addrone>
DB> 13
DB> <addrtwo></addrtwo>
DB> 1a
DB> <city>ABCDEF GHIJKL</city>

DB> Couldn't see anything in the bug report, ideas?

DB> /B

what exactly is $id? An object, array ?


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