On 09/30/2002 11:09 AM, Debbie_dyer wrote:

 > More and more emails seem to be getting blocked by mail filtering
 > systems looking for spam (but trashing legitimate mail at the same

Some people use anti-spam systems that give a lot of false positives due 
to criteria that make general assumptions of spam patterns.

For instance, I know that some systems assume that HTML only messages 
are spam. The alternative is to compose HTML messages with text 
alternative version in the same message.

I developed this class an enhanced it to the point that it could do that 
for messages that are sent as HTML.


Another situation is the temporary fault, like recipient SMTP server is 
too busy or the recipient is temporarily blocked or his mailbox is full. 
The usual procedure for this is to keep retrying for several days. 
Meanhwhile you do not know what is going on unless you inspect you 
sending server queue. That is not very practical.

To avoid this problem, I developed a SMTP client class that implements 
direct delivery mode. That is a mode where instead of connecting to the 
local mailer to relay the messsage, the class connects to the recipient 
mail server and tries to deliver the message immediately. If there is an 
hard fault, like mailbox is full, or message rejection due to spam 
detection, you may be aware of it immediately.

That class is located here but there is a wrapper for it using the class 


 > time). Does anyone have any tips for ensuring mails get through these
 > systems (with regard to headers) or do we just have to accept now
 > that email can no longer be relied upon as a means of communication?

That was always true since the beginning of history of e-mail. The 
question for you is how do you want to handle that? Do you want to be 
aware when messages bounce or are refused for some reason ?


Manuel Lemos

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