Hi Tom

I did finally get my mails on this account (my personal mailbox) hours later
but my main problem is with mails sent by scripts on my site (using the
mailserver of my web provider) and other people complaining to me that they
dont get mails sent from their websites to their ISP mailboxes (using my

More and more legitimate mails are being trashed as a result of
anti-spamming systems - read around the IT news. Whether it is illegal or
not I don't know but yesterday I cancelled my account with my ISP because
they refuse to answer my questions re if they have a mail filtering policy
and if they do what is it.


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> Hi,
> Tuesday, October 1, 2002, 12:09:06 AM, you wrote:
> d> More and more emails seem to be getting blocked by mail filtering
systems looking for spam (but trashing legitimate mail at the same time).
Does anyone have any tips for ensuring mails get through
> d> these systems (with regard to headers) or do we just have to accept now
that email can no longer be relied upon as a means of communication?
> d> Debbie
> This one arrived ok to the list. If the isp is interfering with
> legitimate mail then they are probably infringing some law or other :)
> --
> regards,
> Tom

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