Since I installed apache from source and not an RPM I do not have an rc
file that the service command would use. I start apache in the rc.local
file. -USR1 should be the 'NICE' way to reload the configuration files
as per the apache documentation and has worked for many versions. Its
just with PHP 4.2.3 that it stops working. 

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James Mackie wrote:

>On most of my servers that are running 4.2.2 (and before) I used
>'killall -USR1 httpd' to reload my apache config. Now all servers that
>install with 4.2.3 instead of 4.2.2 this shuts down apache instead of
>reloading the config files. (-HUP still works as it should). 
>Base server is RH7.3, Apache and PHP are compiled from source,
>not as modules.
I don't know why the USR1 signal appears to have changed, but on RH the 
"nice" way of restarting apache is "service httpd restart". Does this


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