You are correct.. Installing from source would not delete the file..
But.. I install servers from scratch.. When installing RedHat I only
install the base packages that are required for it to boot up and
maintain the server. All server programs (Apache, MySQL, FTP, SSH, Etc),
critial libraries (Openssl, GD, Etc), and the latest Linux Kernel, are
all installed from source manually after the RedHat install is

The other problem is that the rc files only call apachectl. Apachectl
just makes the sames calls that I do manually to control the server. So
therfore the rc files, or apachectl would still crash the server.

Does anyone else have a server setup other than myslef with that can
verify that it isn't just my servers that die on a -USR1 (graceful)
restart? Or am I just cursed in some way. :) 

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>James Mackie wrote:
>>Since I installed apache from source and not an RPM I do not have an
It would have existed before you compiled/installed from source 
(assuming apache was installed beforehand). If the httpd executable is 
in the same place then the "service" command should still work. At 
least, I'd be very surprised if installing from source deletes it. Does 
/etc/init.d/httpd not exist?

>>for many versions. Its just with PHP 4.2.3 that it stops working.
Have you managed to find the file "apachectl"?



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