Use globals variables instead hidden fields. Maybe it works.

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Subject: [PHP] PHP and JavaScript on a validation NIGHTMARE

> Hi every1 I'm stucked with this page in which I would like to perform 
> some check before submit and in the meantime I need to be able to change 
> some content upon a choice at the top of the page.
> My first attempt was:
> The form has been submitted every time I change the option at the top of 
> the page ... PHP decides the content of the page......
> Javascript performs the checks and then submit the form.
> PHP has to recognise the status (I mean checked performed do the real 
> task) so I used an isset statement.
> The problem using "isset" is that PHP doesn't find the variable after 
> Javascript has performed its check....
> If I use a hidden field then PHP doesn't understand when I'm asking to 
> change the content or actually sending the form for the real task.
> After this I said Javascript could manage the dinamically changing of 
> the content but I found out that Layer feature is not supported with 
> mozilla .....
> Any clue ??
> thanks a lot guys !
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