Hi every1 I'm stucked with this page in which I would like to perform 
some check before submit and in the meantime I need to be able to change 
some content upon a choice at the top of the page.
My first attempt was:
The form has been submitted every time I change the option at the top of 
the page ... PHP decides the content of the page......
Javascript performs the checks and then submit the form.
PHP has to recognise the status (I mean checked performed do the real 
task) so I used an isset statement.
The problem using "isset" is that PHP doesn't find the variable after 
Javascript has performed its check....
If I use a hidden field then PHP doesn't understand when I'm asking to 
change the content or actually sending the form for the real task.
After this I said Javascript could manage the dinamically changing of 
the content but I found out that Layer feature is not supported with 
mozilla .....
Any clue ??

thanks a lot guys !

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